My Story                                                    

I’m a long-time author who has worked as a ghostwriter for some very successful people. I began publishing 25 years ago. Started writing my own books and then began publishing others. Did some ghostwriting, too. I began to collect awards for my work. Then, one day, a friend told me of a businessman who was looking for a ghostwriter. I contacted him and the rest is history. We’ve collaborated for several years, producing all sorts of business books (over a hundred projects in all). I can do the same for you.

My Approach

Ghostwriting. You and I have an initial conversation where we determine the title, sub-title, ten chapter titles and their bullet points. I write an outline and the first few pages. You check for tone, voice, etc., making any suggestions or changes. You provide core information, and I write chapter one. You go over chapter one, making changes or suggestions. I provide you with the finished chapter for approval. This all takes place in week one. I will write and deliver the remaining nine chapters in the same fashion, one per week. Your book is done and goes to editing and then formatting. The book covers are designed while the book is being written. When all is approved, my publishing company will produce the book for you. You may order as few or as many books as you like–at cost.

Publishing. If you have an idea for a strangely different fiction anthology, by all means get in touch. We are not open to general submissions at this time.

Writing. My latest work is a non-fiction booklet called The Decision Factor (Depression Ends Here). Check out my Portfolio for more information.

Clayton C. Bye