Battling Suicide

My good friend Marlene Grace Harper has a book coming out in a few weeks. It is called How To Give Your Kids A Lift: 9 Divine Life Saving Tools. The book is about suicide prevention. The target audience for Marlene’s book is parents and other caregivers of troubled children. Personally, I would add that it’s an excellent resource for troubled teens. What follows is a glimpse of this amazing book …

Chapter Titles followed by a summary of each chapter

1. The Delightful Dreadful Dragon: When What You See Isn’t What’s True
– Puppets and props help children or caregivers write and perform
problem-solving stories

2. Positive Associations: Happy To Be So Lucky To Know You!
– Positive associations with mentors, coaches and good listeners give folks hope to believe in themselves.

3. Astonishing Predicaments: The Elf Story
– The Iceland Elves use simple tools to overcome a perilous predicament
on the Alftanes Peninsula. These tools can, of course, be applied to our
own problems.

4. To Be Or Not To Be: Staying Alive
– Dancing Firebird, an Indian girl, watches bear cubs fighting and
wonders which one will win. What lesson does her grandmother have that can apply to depression and suicide?

5. Going Up: A Ridiculous Way To Have Fun
– Give yourself and others a lift by flying high, keeping your eyes on the

6. Boosters On: “Trips” Of The Trade
– Use a crutch to help move from the dark places of depression into the

7. Pyramids: Hiding Power In Plain Sight
– Discover the hidden power of pyramids, and use it to help you resolve
serious challenges

8. Star Dreams: Ways To Reach For The Sky
– Star dreams guide us on pathways that have the power to reach beyond
the sky.

9. The View From On High: Elevating Our Youth
– Allow the astonishing view from the Eiffel Tower (and a few other
things) lift you out of your depression.

10. Pedestal Hopping: Lifting Each Other Up
– Planners help you to set goals, and certain pedestals support you while
you pursue those endeavours.

11. Breaking Out Of The Shadows: Jerry’s Story
– Jerry’s life becomes a torch to guide others out of darkness and into the

12. How To Give Your Kids A Lift: Nine Divine Live Saving Tools
– Nine divine life saving tools can help your kids to keep their temple
(body) whole.

13. Helping Yourself: The Gift Of Self-reliance
– A young warrior learns the lesson of self-reliance; you learn to create,
not destroy.

14. Drawing Out The Poison: Learning From Our Ancestors
– Draw on your Heritage. Devise a mental poultice to remove the poisons
from your past.

15. How To Create A Vision of Success: Teachable Moments
– Become what you think about and accomplish what you say—by
working in the light.

16. Unsinkable: Does It Float Your Boat
– Lost in the sea of life? Build your own sturdy, powerful and mentally
unsinkable boat!

17. To See Or Not To See: A True Story
– A blind, crippled girl shows how to escape the darkness and live in the

18. Sometimes You Can Come In Second When You’re First: Another True Story
– You’ve won first but your prize was awarded to someone else. What
would you do?

19. Ricky’s Story: Molding Your Beliefs
– A heroic gang member discovers an amazing fulcrum that gives his life
the highest lift.

20. POPS: Changing Perceptions In Real Life
– Students use a four-step formula to create fun, fantastic and fabulous
compliments that POP.

21. Musings From The Margins
– Extra thoughts on how to lift youth of all ages until they see the light.

There’s much more I could say, including adding in some excellent testimonials, but the thick and thin of it is that Marlene’s new book can save lives.

You can preorder the book ($24.95 USD) by writing to me using our contact page/form …

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