The racing car

Early this morning, my friend Marlene was telling me about a student of hers who is quite brilliant but has a number of serious physical challenges. Yet without prompting, he volunteered that he intended to be a racing car driver when he grew up.

As Marlene related the story, it could have become a sad moment, since there’s no way the boy could ever manage the physical demands of such a job. But then I thought of self-driven cars, car-assisted driving and the robot racers that are already out there. Why couldn’t technology offer him the chance he will need as he grows?

So, I went online and found a number of photos of those cars for him. I also came up with the photo shown above. I blew it up so that it took up a full letter-sized page. I then sent it to Marlene so that he could colour it during his art class today.

It felt great, even though I had less than two hours last night. I was pumped. Think about it, we have the chance to give this little fellow hope today! How often does a chance to help someone in this way come along? Not often.

Should you stumble upon the opportunity to lift someone up, whether it’s with a kind word or some small action on your part, put aside your day and do that thing. You’ll be glad you did.

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